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proved the "drop pattern" in the home

Le 8 November 2017, 12:01 dans Humeurs 0

Today, "shared economy" has set off a new wave of various industries, home improvement home industry is no exception, Ai Jia life (hereinafter referred to as Ai Jia) is using a shared economic model to create a new big home ecosystem. Originally, Ai Jia was widely questioned in the home improvement industry, but for more than two years, Ai Jia proved the "drop pattern" in the home improvement industry with facts and achievements.

According to Yi Jia Pan Pan-country life revealed that in 2016 Ai Jia's signing performance of 17.5 billion, while this year is very promising breakthrough 100 billion, the next five years the goal is to achieve 1000 million. Just two years time, Yi Jia with a shared economy to create a new big home ecosystem, a real estate to open up and renovation industry chain, a dark horse.


With a shared economy to create the industry precedent

In 2015, when AIJA Life was founded, it obtained the A-Series financing of several hundred million dollars jointly invested by Fortune Venture Capital and Zhenghe Island Fund. At that time, it valued over one billion yuan. Since then, Yi Jia life business expanded to Henan, Jiangsu, Beijing, Tianjin, Yunnan, Ningxia and other places, as of the end of 2016, the order amount has more than 1.7 billion yuan, which Pan Dingguo in the industry is called "Pan billion." Pan Dingguo is in 2017 set a 100 billion contract performance targets.



Ai Jia life turned out to be explosive growth performance, which are derived from Ai Jia life CEO Pan Dingguo "shared economy" model. In Pan Dingguo's opinion, Ai Jia is not a home improvement company, but an "internet company" that provides solutions from home to home. In the domestic industry, Ai Jia will not only become a Unicorn business, will also give birth to a number of Unicorn-level companies.

So what is "shared economy"? Pan Dingguo told Tencent home reporter, the core of sharing economy is: to build a multi-benefit, no one damage new interest distribution mechanism. Sharing the fine decoration of the construction unit on the market, sharing hundreds of thousands of coffee designer's excellent program to share first-line home brands in the industry quality products, developers and other partners to share credit endorsement, and developers to share sales team, in short Yi Jia do not keep a design, do not raise a worker, do not produce a product, but by sharing the best service and products available to users.


Yi Jia's life is the sharing of "experience", that is, the new real estate in the model room, consumers in the model room can feel free to experience. According to Pan Dingguo introduction, in the hard-knuckle link, Yi Jia and Gold Mantis, East Yi Sheng, boat and other well-known decoration company direct cooperation. After signing the contract, let these enterprises to construction. In 2016, through the Xicai Cup, Ai Jia made design sharing, designing copyrights, design by excellent designers, and voting by consumers to determine who is good or who is bad. A series of operations, fully demonstrates Ai Jia's sharing model.


Build an open "big home ecosystem"


After the real economy is hit by the Internet economy, many enterprises have followed the O2O model one after another, but this model is not suitable for every enterprise. According to Pan Dingguo introduction, in early 2015, when Ai Jia just born just want to do soft loading, with real estate in the context of online and offline O2O mode, but after a short period of experience found that the road nowhere.


Pan Dingguo said that while the O20 model was initially unsuccessful, some things have not changed: being a billion-dollar company and an internet-sharing economy. The end of 2015, Ai Jia clear what exactly to do in the end, the first proposed transition to a shared economy, to create large home ecosystem.


Appears in Pan Dingguo, simply by allowing consumers to pay the line is unrealistic. What consumers need in the market is "packaged", which we call "home improvement." So AIJ reduced its products to two by the end of 2015: one for rough-type products and the other one for hard-packed products, from buying a house to living. Why Ai Jia do home areas of shared economy? The reason is: the market pain enough clear enough market supply sufficient. Rebuild the rules with subversive innovation patterns, the consumer and business position swap, past are the enterprise end to the client, and disruptive innovation is to put the user in front of the enterprise into the final.


Yi Jia, which is essentially different from traditional enterprises, advocates the implementation of "ecological strategy." Pan Dingguo said that enterprises have two strategies, one is differentiated, and second, cost leadership. Both strategies are defined in industrial civilization, but neither strategy incorporates Internet companies. Now many companies are talking about user strategy, product strategy, platform strategy, but Pan Dingguo that user strategy refers to the fan economic strategy, the core is the user strategy, more emphasis is the frequency and relationship between users and businesses; product strategy emphasis Is manufacturing, emphasizing fast turnaround, high margin, low storage; platform strategy is that when you have more traffic, you can emphasize GMV, customer price, conversion rate.



The difference between eco-strategy and user strategy, platform strategy and commodity strategy that Yi Jia opens is that the former can rebuild the industrial chain and the core of eco-strategy is to build a multi-benefit and unmanned mechanism. It is the reconstruction of the chain of interests. The ecological strategy and the shared economy are both naturally and organically integrated. Only by sharing can we reconstruct the value chain of interest. This is also the value chain of home improvement participants and decision making redefining roles.


Internet Thinking Reconstruct the Value of Industry Chain


After Ai Jia set up a "shared model" and a team in 2016, Pan Dingguo proposed a five-year plan for the development of the enterprise.


1 billion yuan in 2016, 10 billion yuan in 2017 and 1000 billion in 5 years. According to Pan Dingguo introduction, in fact, the current performance of the contract is completed in the form of the characteristics of this model is the annual performance growth rate doubled, explosive growth. "If consumers sign the bill now, we will deliver it in one to two years." Pang Dingguo cited an example of the fact that although the one billion won contract signed in 2016 was actually not delivered so much, the contracted contractual value in 2017 is 10 billion yuan, confirming this year About 1 billion yuan revenue. In the bill of 10 billion yuan next year, 5 billion yuan will be recognized as revenue.

Contract volume trend


Pan Dingguo said that in the future, construction workers have five-star rating, there is a one percent margin; with three-star rating, there is a 10% deposit. Pan Dingguo hopes that in the future, all construction workers at Yi Jia site will be certified. For example, hydropower, carpentry, etc. are training, which solved the problem of their ability. In addition, the design also requires consumers to evaluate it, consumers can style according to cost to screen for their own designer.


Pan Dingguo said that it is okay to deliver 500 sets a day in the future. The core of delivery is the quality of workers. "Companies with the experience of tooling companies and Ai Jia will be better." Pan Dingguo analysis, the previous home improvement company is done single, and tooling companies do large-scale construction, materials organization, acceptance. In the organization and coordination, control, cost control, tooling company more experienced. For soft loading, the biggest problem is the service problem, mainly the problem of installing workers. The future of IKEA will draw on the IKEA model, in each company to produce one or two relatively small number of species, each supply tens of thousands of sets can be.


Construction is the core of the mechanism of the problem, Pan Dingguo said that at present the vast majority of construction managers, contractors to increase as the core, there is no mind to make good quality. The quality management as the core of the primary problem is to make construction managers, contractors have the will to do quality management. Sharing economy improves the quality of consumption. Internet company management mode is based on data-driven management, data and consumer pull. Pan Dingguo said Ai Jia use of mobile Internet management model, so that consumers when the supervision to evaluate the construction unit, designers, forcing the construction unit to do a good job.


With the continuous development of Ai Jia, the order will burst one day in the future, how does Ai Jia solve the delivery problem? Pan Dingguo said that solving the delivery problem should be a disruptive idea. "I think that on the basis of professional civilization, the Internet should also use Internet civilization to solve the problem, and Internet civilization to solve the problem is the core of these two civilizations based on the mechanism to solve the problem." (Text / Tencent home Zheng Ying)


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